Why Nobody Visit Your Blog – 5 Reasons

You as a Blogger follow every step to gain Traffic and Increase your Subscriber Base. But still you are not able to figure out, why you haven’t been successful in getting tons of Traffic. Readers are like diamonds, you just cant let them go. If you are using Google Analytics, you may analyse that are you getting Successful in getting the visitors back to your site.

Even if you have followed every point to get Traffic to your Blog, but still found nobody visiting your Blog then you need to find the Problem behind it. I have list some of the common problems that every blog face, you can find them below.

1. Poor Quality Content

If you are not writing quality content, then don’t expect traffic to your Blog. This could be one of the reason that nobody visits your Blog. Writing Quality Content is the key to bring tons of traffic to your Blog. Writing 100’s of poor quality articles will not improve your Ranking, rather only 20 or 30 Quality articles can easily improve your Ranking and Visits. If you are writing quality content, then you will also see increase in Subscribers.

2. High Loading Time

Most of the Blogs suffer from High Loading Time. Visitors don’t like to visit the blogs that takes huge time to Load. I personally visit don’t visit such websites. There could be many reasons behind this High Loading Time, mostly by displaying too many ads and by installing many plugins. You can buy a CDN for your Blog or if you are on WordPress Platform, you can install some usefull Caching plugins like W3Total Cache, Smush.it etc.

3. Poor Theme

If your Blog has a poor theme, then its better to get a new theme so that you many not suffer from Traffic Loss. As a Blog Owner, you should select the theme that is attractive, so that you can keep your Readers stay for long in your Blog. Also try to view your Website from different browsers and if you find some Display problem or any error from any Browser, then you should change your Blog theme as this could be the reason that your blog is suffering from traffic loss.

4. Displaying Too Many Ads

Are you one of those who are displaying too many Ads in your Blog. Do you really think that displaying too many ads will increase your revenue. It may increase or not, but it will surely bring your blog to downside and you will soon start experiencing no visits on your Blog. Too many Ads irritates the visitor and he just switch on to some other Blog. So only display few ads in your Blog.

5. Not Responding

Most of the Blog Owners didn’t respond to there Readers. I have seen many blogs where readers leaves the comment asking a question but the Blog Owners keeps on Approving the Comments and didn’t respond or answer there queries. Readers visits your Blog just to gain knowledge and learn, but if they didn’t answer any of there queries, they don’t wish to visit it again.

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