Why is your laptop’s battery be gone so quickly? – (How to Fix it)

Why is your laptop’s battery be gone so quickly?

Why is your laptop’s battery be gone so quickly?

Do you have problems with your laptop that the battery last for only a very short time when you’re not charging it? Below are some tips to lengthen the life of your battery.

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1.     Lower brightness, less battery needed

The light from your laptop’s monitor consumes battery. To save energy, tune the light setting (by pressing Fn & the light control key on your laptop, which is normally located next to your function keys) to the lowest comfortable light level.

 2. Switch off bluetooth and/ or wireless adapter when not in use

If you have built in bluetooth or wireless adapters, they are very often running as soon as you use your laptop. Check everytime that they should be switched off when they are not in use.


3. Do not plug in extra USB devices if not needed

When you’re not using USB devices but keep it plugged in, these devices will be in a charging mode, charing power from your laptop of course.


4. Shut down programs that you not needed

Programs like MSN/ Skype do consume a lot of memories, and thus power to run. If you are not using them, please shut them down.


5. No extra CD/ DVD in your drive when not in use

Again, keep unnecessary  things like CD/ DVD out of your laptop. Any discs in your drive would consume energy as they keep spinning.

 6. Keep your laptop in Mute

Speaker, like any other part of your laptop, also takes up energy. Keep it at mute whenever possible.


See the source imageHow to get your laptop battery work longer?


7. Do not burn CD/ DVD when you do not have the battery charge with you

If you still want to use your laptop when you are missing the charge, please do not perform any CD/ DVD burning activities, as that also burns out your battery.

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