Top 3 Educational Sites to Learn New Things From Home

Top 3 Educational Sites to Learn New Things From Home

Learning new things is always a better thing. As they say, learning has no age. You can learn anything at any time. This is why we have institutes that allow every person to enroll for any course despite their age. With the entrance of internet, learning becomes more versatile. Now all the things you want to know is just a few clicks away. You can learn almost everything from home without facing the embarrassing that aged people face when they join the university.

Here are 3 top educational sites where you can learn new things almost everyday. These sites allow users like you and me to learn new things in every possible field by providing both free and paid courses.

Top 3 Educational Sites to Learn Something New Everyday

1- English Grammar Book

What could be better than crafting your own command over English? The pain of English grammar is very big for everyone who comes from a non-English speaking country. If you got the time, then I think this is the best place to invest. English Grammer Book is an Android app that teaches various rules of English grammar. It also has some features like note, voice command and many others that one can discover while using the app.


Like grammar, it is also a good idea to increase your vocabulary. We generally encounter at least 2-3 new words everyday that we don’t know the meaning. Also, there are words for same meaning that applies in different context. If you want to improve your English speaking capabilities, then you should also consider giving time to along with the English Grammer Book app.


Udemy is an online course platform where individual teachers create and submit their courses. Yo can access some for free while for others you have to buy the courses. This is the great place to find courses from all the popular topics like app development, web design, computer program, basic of computers, learning new things and many other.

These are the sites that I feel is the worth to be in your wish list. You should dedicate some time to every of them.

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