How To Watch Movies From iPhone On TV

There are plenty of times in which you are either bored, you don’t know what to do or simply want to watch a certain movie on your TV but when you surf the channels, nothing close to what you might want to watch appears.

Your TV screen is huge and other media playing device around you is only your iPhone.

The thing is that the iPhone screen is just too small compared to what you would like to see the movie on and you think that there is nothing you can do to go around this.

Well, there is a nice trick that you can use every time you want to watch a movie and you only have an iPhone and a TV: connecting the iPhone to the TV and playing the movie from iPhone.

You just got yourself a portable video player!

Components You’ll Need

All you need is either the Apple Composite/Component AV Cable.

What Can You Do Next?

You can enjoy your movies, TV shows, podcasts, and music videos on the big screen.

The Composite AV cable is for connecting to TVs (or projectors) with standard RCA-style connectors—yellow for video, and red and white for stereo audio.

However, if you have a newer TV (or HD projector), chances are it has component jacks on the back, which would be red, green, and blue, as well as red and white stereo inputs. So, make sure you check out your TV to see which connections it has before buying your cable.

Also, included with these cables is an additional AC-to-USB adapter, so you’ll have power to your iPhone while it’s playing.

This way you can just leave the cable connected to your TV at all times if you like.

Once you have the cable, just tap Settings from your iPhone’s Home screen and then tap iPod.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the iPod screen, you’ll see your options for TV Out.

You can have the iPhone display the appropriate format by turning Widescreen on, if you have a 16:9 widescreen TV, and choose between NTSC or PAL, depending upon the standard supported in your country.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate settings, tap the Home button, and then tap the iPhone icon. Find the video you want to watch, connect the cable to your TV and iPhone, and make sure your TV is on the appropriate input for either your composite or component connection.

You should then be able to start your video and see it on the big screen. Also, while your movie or video is playing, your iPhone serves as a remote that lets you pause, skip chapters, etc.

You just discovered an easy way to have portable movies and the possibility to watch them whenever you go by simply connecting some cables to the TV and making some small changes.

In case you have friends that might be interested in playing movies from their iPhones, you can share this article with them and also encourage others to do the same as you should have saved them some bucks from buying media storages for movies, songs, etc.

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