How to Use Wifi Calling and call without mobile network

Wifi Calling
Jio and Airtel users, now you can call even without network, know the whole way

Airtel and Jio have started their VoWiFi i.e. Voice over Wi-Fi service. Let us know that so far 4G users are able to call through VoLTE i.e. Voice over LTE. So let’s know what is VoWiFi and how will it be done without network cabling?

If you’re using Airtel or LiveIf you’re using it, so you have good news. You’re really going to be able to contact someone today, even though there’s no network in it. Airtel And Live began its VoWiFi, i.e. Wi-Fi service voice over.

Let us know that 4G users have been able to call via VoLTE so far, i.e. LTE Voice Over. So, let’s see what VoWiFi is, and how can it be achieved without calling the network?

What’s VoWiFi?

Through Wi-Fi, voice over Wi-Fi, or VoWiFi works. Voice over IP VoIP is also called. You can make calls via VoWiFi with the aid of home Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, and hotspot Wi-Fi.

How to Use Wifi Calling and call without mobile network
How to Use Wifi Calling and call without mobile network

If understood in plain language than if your mobileIf I don’t have a network, with the aid of a Wi-Fi or a hotspot, you can chat easily on the internet. VoWiFI’s greatest benefit is roaming and you can chat through Wi-Fi for free.

How to call on Wi-Fi

You’re going to elaborate if you don’t understand about Wi-Fi calling. As an example, you might take Google Doo App or WhatsApp. Via Google Duo, you can call someone and do not cut your cash for this.

That is, for calls from Google Duo, you have to use the Internet. It makes sense that calling without a mobile network via Wi-Fi is referred to as VoWiFi calling.

How to set up wifi calling

First of all, let us inform you that you will only be able to make VoWiFi calls when your mobile accepts WiFi calls. Your telecommunication provider will also have VoWiFi, too. This can be tested by going to the network option in the settings of the handset.

If there is a Wi-Fi calling feature in the network settings of your phone, then you can make VoWiFi calls by clicking on it. VoWiFi calls are currently only available on smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, OnePlus 7T, etc. VoWiFi is currently being offered by Jio and Airtel.

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