How to Use Facebook app for Windows 8.1

Facebook app for Windows 8.1 Download.

It has been a few days that Microsoft has launched a refurbish for Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8.1. All a users who are now regulating Windows 8 will be means to ascent to Windows 8.1 for giveaway of cost. There have been a series of changes that were seen in Windows 8.1 with one being Addition of a renouned Start button.

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Facebook has strictly launched a Facebook app for Windows 8.1 giving Windows 8.1 users an choice to directly entrance Facebook from a Start Menu. This Facebook app is grown both for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT and comes with a good user interface. You don’t even need a web browser to entrance Facebook now. Just go to a Start menu and launch a Facebook app like we routinely launch any other app.

How to Use Facebook app for Windows 8.1

The interface of a Facebook app for Windows 8.1 is utterly identical to a other apps grown by Microsoft for Windows 8.1 as we get a sidebar during a left palm side that will come with tabs that will uncover we a notifications, news feeds, check details etc. On a right palm side of your mechanism shade we will see all your online friends only like a approach we see in Facebook if we are regulating a web browser to entrance it. In a core we will see all a standing updates that are done by your friends, photos and videos common by your friends and all a notifications done by a pages and groups that we have liked.Using this app all a notifications that we accept and tagged standing updates will be displayed on a Windows Start screen. Just like we used to have organisation conversations while we were regulating Facebook in a web browser we can have that here too. Share pictures, videos and refurbish your standing simply with a assistance of this 

Facebook app for Windows 8.1

This app is grown by Facebook and not by Microsoft. If we wish to use Facebook on your Windows powered mobile phones we can download a Facebook app for Windows Mobile phones from a Windows store. Facebook has also started a beta contrast module in that users can exam a arriving versions of Facebook app before a central launch and tell if there are any bugs benefaction in a software.To download Facebook for Windows 8.1 revisit a Windows Store and follow a instructions we get on your mechanism screen.

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