How to Trace your Lost Mobile with IMEI Number – 2020


How to Trace your Lost Mobile with IMEI Number


In our Previous Post, we shared with you about the Top 10 Ways to Track Your Stolen Mobile Phone and this post is specifically talking about tracing your lost mobile with IMEI Numberthe latest way 2020 is now updated to 2021. Read Good News below.

Well IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a unique 15 digit number for cell phones. It is usually written on the battery of your mobile however one can find this displayed on their screens by dialing *#06# in their mobiles. Using this number, one can trace the location of the mobile.

trace stolen mobiletrace-stolen-mobile

At first, this was the feature of Smartphones only. Only smartphones used to come with this unique number for identification. But now, as soon as a GSM phone is manufactured, that the mobile phone is being assigned a unique IMEI code for its identification and tracking of the location.

The information about such phones is being stored on the internet too through various databases. The information stored there is about the manufacturer of the mobile, its model, date of approval, and the country name where it is being manufactured. We have so many websites which provide such information. We just have to provide our unique IMEI code number onto the website and it will produce results regarding the manufacturer’s name, its model, date of approval, and the country where it has been manufactured.

For instance, click here to find your phone location online!

Note 1 If the above link doesn’t help you then you also try to locate your mobile location via IMEI here

Note 2 If both above links don’t help you then you should try the 3rd method which is location check via Message.

To find the information manually, you can also verify the above details by simply sending an SMS in accordance with the instructions given:

Important Update December 2020: Apologies to our users as SMS method is no more working now, it seems like that numbers are bought by some other SMS provider companies but honest advice to all our users – Talk to your nearest Police Station with the Cops effectively as they are the only one who can definitely bring your phone back to you and it all depends upon how well you present your situation to them, how well you make a Contact with them by making weekly or monthly contact, you should File an FIR properly in whatever country you are living in either it is United States of America, United Kindom, Australia, Europe or Asia.

Important Good News For Android Users: I have written a new way which helps you a lot to locate your lost android phone using Android device manager. Click here! to read.

On doing so, you will shortly receive a message bearing all the information and details about your mobile as given by the service provider.

This unique IMEI number can help us in blocking or tracking our mobile phones in case it is lost. Whenever the phone is switched on, the IMEI number is being transmitted and is verified against the database in the network’s EIR i.e. Equipment Identity Register.


This register has stored three categories in it for the phones viz. “white lists”, “grey lists” and “blacklists”. The operator can block a particular handset by simply putting it into the blacklist when asked to do so. Even, with the help of the Global Positioning System or commonly known as GPS, an operator can track the handset user also. But the use of these mentioned lists and the technology is at the operator’s discretion only. Usually, the operators provide such services for some special investigations only.

Update: Every day in this world approx 1 million mobile lost or stolen all over the world, only 10000 people report this, and police or service providers not help in this as per many users’ review statistics. It is your responsibility that you should Report your lost mobile at local and nearest Police station area in which your Mobile Phone is lost – this will update your record to all Sim Providers and if someone will sell the theft mobile to anyone – on the Numbers activation – Police Department will get notified and then tracing Process will begin. My Friend got his Phone back using this same Procedure – I hope you all get back your Phones soon.

Here are the other ways to get lost on android phones:

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