How to Test Internet Speed

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These days, streaming online music, movies, videos, flash games and television websites have provided new source of entertainment to people. For watching these videos, they need fast internet connection. Now people love to spend more time on internet to play, watch and listen music. To get benefits from these online resources, it is an inevitable to have fast internet connection. When you get internet connection from Service provider, make sure that your connection is having promised bandwidth capacity. For this purpose, you can test your internet speed online by visiting a reputed speed test website.

The internet speed test can be measured by data transfer rate that is sent from internet server to computer. This data is measured in form of quantifiable units and megabits. When speed test shows 1,500 or 3,000 kbps, it shows the 1.5 or 3 MB. At the time of internet speed test, you should note the nature of unit used by the website. Otherwise, you can assume connection speed wrongly that can be either fast or slow.

When you test connection, it creates two data links such as upstream link and downstream link. In case of downloading anything from internet, it flows toward downstream link going from network to pc. Whenever any request is made like clicking of a link, it goes to upstream. The demand of downstream link is more than upstream link. At the time of internet test connection, the speed of internet connection is ten times more than upstream link.

Before starting test, close all running programs and background processes. When you are executing speed test, it is better to avoid any type of multitasking. If you want accurate results, select a server located at your area. It will save you from latency issues and give you exact statistics about your internet speed.

At reputed sites, users need to enter a zip code or you can click on the map of nearby server. It may also ask for a type of internet connection like wireless, DSL and leased lines. The results will give you a report to decide whether the connection is fast or slow. It will provide results about downstream and upstream status.

You can easily test your internet connection, upload speed or download speed on any website you like. These speed test websites are free to use on which you can easily test your internet connection. After getting these results, you can send them to your friends and save them for future references.  For confirmation, you can test your internet connection on multiple sides, it will help you to estimate the worth regarding downloading or uploading time. If you are facing problems like slow speed of your DSL connection, you can send these results to ISP along with complaint application. They can take action to improve your internet speed. In this way, you can get a fast speed internet connection to enjoy online magical world. I hope, this article will guide you in precise way of how to test internet connection online.

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