How to Remove Phone Number From Gmail ?

How to Remove Phone Number From Gmail ?

How to Delete Gmail Phone Numbers

Guys, we’re going to inform you in today’s article that if you like to erase your Facebook number, how do you “How to Remove Phone Number from Gmail”?

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What is Gmail?

Full-form Gmail is Google Mail . Google, by the way, has several products, of which Gmail is still a Google app. You can send messages from one location to another via Gmail. Nowadays, getting a Gmail account has become a must, particularly for Android and iOS users. If Android isn’t an iOS user’s Gmail account, so you can’t log in to the Play store. You may also use Gmail to email images, papers and file attachments.

How to Remove Phone Number From Gmail Step by Step

You can delete the phone number in your Gmail without any problem by following the steps given below, so read the following steps carefully –

step 1: You have to open the Gmail app first.

step 2: You have to press 3 dots after this.

step 3: You have to scroll down after this and then click on the setting option.

Step 4: Then pick the account from which the Google Meeting App will be disabled.

step 5: You need to click on Control your account with Google now.

step 6: You must click on Personal Details now. You’ll have to scroll down after that and as soon as you scroll down, your phone number will be revealed. You’ve got to scroll on it.

step 7: Click any number you want to uninstall after this then click the delete option.

I think today’s post is How to Delete Gmail Phone Numbers? You have to understand that you should inform us in the comment box below if you want to hear anything more relevant to Gmail.

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