How to Post Custom Via Status on Facebook

Today i will Share a brief  but a Fun Facebook pretence with all we Readers, Most of us Use Facebook and refurbish statuses. Normally when we refurbish your standing from mobile, afterwards it shows “via Mobile ” or a Name of a code of mobile we used to refurbish that status. But what if i tell we we can Post Custom Via Status on Facebook which uncover like ” Updated around Macbook Pro ” or “iPhone 5” or any other tool or thing that we don’t even own.

How to Post Custom Via Status on Facebook

There competence be some-more humorous things entrance in your mind already, How about “via Potato ” or “via GTA 5″ or ” around Calculator” because not, it can be anything that we can best consider of. So lets pierce on and see how to Post Custom Via Status on Facebook. Continue reading a subsequent Simple steps, and we will learn it easily.

Steps to Post Custom Via Status on Facebook

Step 1: First of all In sequence to Post Custom Via Status on Facebook, we will need to Create an app on Facebook, Nope thats not tough during all, we dont need to do any Coding, Follow me while i uncover we how to do it.

Step 2: Click hereto goto Facebook Developer page, there if we are asked to register as developer,read this step and if we are not asked and we are already purebred afterwards skip to Step 3.

Click on Register as developer and Check a box ” I accept the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy” and Click on Continue Continue Done.

Step 3: Now we are Registered as Developer, Now click on Create new app, Next Step is to name your App so Name it any thing that we wish to uncover as “updated around xyz” . Here in my box it will uncover ” updated around ” as i have named it as we can see in a subsequent Picture. Now click on Continue, Leave all else as it is.

Step 4:  On a subsequent page we will be stuffing some some-more sum like App domain and Site url, As we can see i have entered my site url in both a Cases. Everything is finished now Click on Save Changes. Note a APP ID we will need it in Next Step

Step 5: You app is Ready, Now a time to use it. Simply Copy a Below URL, Open new add-on in your Browser, Paste it in residence bar, You will have to Replace my APP ID with yours in following URL that is Highlighted in Green Color, 649329338451749redirect_uri=

Also Understand that if we wish to Redirect your Friends to your possess blog when they try and click on your Custom Via Status, afterwards Replace with yours in a above URL.

Step 6 : Once we have Replaced a app id and Pasted a URL in your residence bar, strike enter and boom, we will see something like subsequent Pic,obviously with your app name.

Step 7: Now a time to let your Friends know about this, Write your standing and click on Share. You will Be redirected to though a time to check your timeline to see your Custom around Facebook Status.

Conclusion :
So Now in this Article we schooled how to Create your possess App and how to Post Custom Via Status on Facebook. If In Case we find it Tedious, afterwards i will share one some-more method, we simply go Here and Click on any name we wish as updated around of your choice and we will be taken to a standing refurbish page directly.

You competence be meditative because so prolonged routine when we can do it with this site approach to easy? Well, My categorical aim was to explain a whole routine of how it works. and on a above mentioned site, we are reduction to select a name from a choice provided. a always improved to make your possess choice of tradition name 

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