How to Make share Blue Text Updates and Comments on Facebook

How to Make Blue Text on Facebook using Mobile phone and Computer is an amazing trick for attracting more friends on your updates, After share Funny Facebook status updates get More Likes to continue today we are adding this in our blog, As you know on this social networking site some people trying to Get More Facebook Followers, some are trying to get more likes for their status updates, pictures and some are trying to Increase Talking about this on Facebook Page means all are using for many purposes, But all need more popularity, Everyone wanna more popularity on social site, As you know there popularity showing by there likes, shares, fan page likes, followers so everyone needs these things, So if you need these things also then you must follow some tips and tricks, In this article, we are sharing a trick using that you can get more thumbs on your status updates. Let’s read more and get it.

How to get More Likes Using Blue Text Updates on Facebook

You know every second many people or your friends are sharing a status update like text updates, images, Videos or any, All are trying to get more likes on their updates, but you know that in this way every one can’t get success, On every social site first law is that unique and something different, things getting are more lies, So if you also need than you must share something different from others, blue status updates also something unique, It can help you get more links than just use it and get more thumbs for more popularity.

How to Share Blue Text using the Mobile Phone

Most Facebook users using Android or other mobile phones, So many friends asking us that, How can I share Blue linkable text or updates on Facebook, So in short description I wanna tell you that you can use this method for Share or updates linkable blue text on Facebook using your any m=android mobile phone or window or Rios, iPod, iPhone or any othres devices, Just follow this for all screens and do it.

How to make Linkable Status update using Hashtags

Before going deeper in this article we are also introducing related something of this, Before sometime Facebook included Hashtags tag in for their features, It’s also a good feature of Facebook using this we can make linkable text easily without giving any links on updates and comments. This can spread you upades for, effectively, just add # with you your main keyword and one, After adding hashtag it will show like a link.

Share Facebook Status updates and Comments in Blue Text

Before some time we can post and comment blue text using some codes, We was also shared with you many codes for making blue status updates and do blue comments, But after some time working fine now they are blocked by Facebook engineers, because these codes are aghast to Facebook policies, But today we have done this trick using Hashtag # just add before text # and done, If you need for bigger text or paragraph then you can use (_) for connecting these words, Its very simple just follow and do it.

How to Make Blue Text Updates and Comments on Facebook image photo

Share Blue Text, Comments and Status

  • Its very simple, just add Hash # before a word and share it.
  • If you wanna more text than connect these words by
  • To Connect all words Press Shift-  Means _
  • For Example you status looks like this
  • #Just_your_status_in_blue_Text
  • You can make or use many words here.
  • Just Copy Below codes and share on your wall for better understanding or for Example.

Final words

This is no more difficult, You can do it very easily, But if you are unable to complete this then just contact us or comment below, we will try to solve any issues on completing this, If are you trying any old methods or codes for this then I wanna say you don’t try that because others all methods are not working, So we eat and enjoy this. Thanks for visiting this Facebook, blog and keep it.

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