How to Increase RSS Subscribers of the Blog

6 Tips To Increase RSS Subscribers of the Blog

Getting a good number of RSS Subscribers is must for every Blogger because it will bring more Traffic and Sales. But practically its difficult to Build the list because I build the list for my Discount Coupons Blog. You may be Successful in getting tons of traffic by following few points, but you strictly need to follow some steps to gain RSS Subscribers.
Most of the Established Bloggers after spending some time in blogging, have very few RSS Subscribers, this is because they don’t know the right tactics to gain good Subscribers. I have mentioned few points below which you should follow to gain good number of RSS Subscribers for your Blog.

1. Make it Visible

I have seen many Blogs that don’t have a RSS button or widget in there blog and the owner says that he s not able to Increase RSS Subscribers. If you are one of those who don’t have a RSS Button in there Blog, then its time to add one. Without any visibility, no Readers can subscribe even if you have a quality content in your Blog.

2. Write Quality Content

The Most important thing that every blog should have is Quality Content. If your Blog has got some quality content, then it will not be difficult for you to gain Subscribers. Readers love the Quality Content and will Automatically Subscribe. This is one of the best ways to gain hige RSS Subscribers.

3. Placement Matters

Right Placement of the Subscribe Button or Widget also boost up the Subscriber List. Most of the Blog owners place RSS Button in the Footer, only few Readers scrolls and moves to footer. So if its not visible to most of the Readers, then how can you think of building a huge List. Try to place it on the Header above the Fold. It will be clearly visible and they may Subscribe to your Blog.

4. Build Traffic

If your Blog is getting very less traffic, then you cant increase your RSS Subscribers. First try to gain huge Traffic to your Blog, then further think of gaining RSS Subscribers.

5. Make it Easy

Most of the Internet Users are lazy and if you are adding too many steps for Subscribing like Inserting Captcha etc, they will not be going to Subscribe. So make the Subscribing process as easy as you can, so that you can gain good number of RSS Subscribers.

6. Offer Free Stuffs

Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff. Offering Free Stuff like Themes etc for Subscribing to RSS is good way to gain huge Number of Subscribers. Just add a Special Widget or note on this at the Sidebar. The Disadvantage of this step is that in order to get Free Stuffs, the Readers may Subscribe with there inactive email address, so there is no use of gaining the Subscribers with inactive email addresses.

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