How To Fix android.process.acore has Stopped Error

Fix android.process.acore has Stopped Error

Technology today is really amazing. You can check your email from across the world, talk to friends and family via Skype or FaceTime, heck you can even order groceries, check on the babysitter and make plans for next week using your calendar application.

But, technology does also not error-free. Sometimes things happen on our phones, tablets or MP3 players that keep us from doing everyday things we do on these devices. Errors can be one of the most frustrating and annoying occurrences on any device, especially our phones! If you have an Android and it’s an older phone i.e.; if it’s not a Samsung Galaxy or newer, you have probably run into an error code called Android.Process.The score has Stopped.

android.process.acore has Stopped
Usually, this happens in the background, but it can essentially affect anything you are doing on your phone at the time. Sometimes it even happens multiple times which can really make using your phone an aggravating, rather than a fun experience.

Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has Stopped is the exact error that happens when a third-party app on the phone has a conflict with the phone itself or even corrupt data. Before you go throwing your phone across the room, you might want to check a few of these tips to try and fix Android errors.

Tips to fix Android.Process.Acore Error

1) Software Updates

Many of the phone manufacturers, like HTC, are aware of this problem. While they can’t hand out everyone a brand new phone to fix the issue, they can offer software update patches to try and help get rid of it. If you get this error and you haven’t updated in a few weeks or months, make sure you go to the Update Software section of your phone and see if there is an update. Oftentimes this will get rid of the error on your device.

2) App Uninstallation

Unfortunately, even though you have downloaded apps from the Android store, sometimes they aren’t compatible with your phone or software. This can create conflicts and make the Android.Process.Acore has stopped unexpectedly error to show up. If you just started to receive these errors after downloading a few apps, try uninstalling them one by one to see if it stops the error.

If not, you might want to consider a factory reset which makes the phone go back to the way it was when you bought it.

Warning: On most phones, this WILL delete everything, not just your apps. Make sure that if you do this, you back up everything on your phone so that you can reinstall everything that you placed on it.

3) Data Contacts

As silly as it may sound because it seems like one thing has nothing to do with the other, you may be having the error code showing up because of contacts on your phone. Make sure you backup your contacts, and then clear the data on the contacts area of your phone.

Most Android phones have data in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Contact Storage = Storage Data. Once you clear the data for contacts, make sure you always restart the phone.

Hopefully, one of these three tips will help you and make the error code go away, if even for just a little while! If you just bought your phone, and it’s older, but it’s doing this make sure you contact your phone service provider AND manufacturer and tell them you are receiving the Android.Process. Acore and maybe they will be able to help you!

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