How to Disable Mobile Data or Cellular Data for Specific App on iPhone and iPad

How to Disable Mobile Data or Cellular Data for Specific App on iPhone and iPad

The Internet is essential for living a quality life. It is now a part of our life. The speed of internet is also increasing, and the price is going lower every year. There are different speed in different countries, but one thing that is common through out the world is the limited mobile data. You might get unlimited super speed internet in your home, but when it comes to mobile data, you pay more for just few GB data. Here in California, I pay 20 freaking dollars for just 4GB of data. When compare to my home network where I pay $50 for a 30mbps connection that also unlimited, the mobile data is expensive.

Thus we need to protect our data from getting wasted in things that we don’t use. Smartphones are smart, and they do a lot of things, and for that, they need huge data. When we are connected to the home network, we don’t see any issue of data, but when we connect to cellular, our data becomes precious.

Today we will be talking to disable apps from using mobile data on iOS. iOS is an advanced mobile OS, and there is no doubt about it. iOS offers a bunch of features that helps almost everyone. One of them is saving mobile data and preventing apps from using the internet when connected to the cellular data.

By default this option is off, we have to turn that On manually. It is an easy process, but sometimes  easy process makes a lot of confusion. That is why I am writing this article to tell you how you can disable apps from using mobile data on iPhone and iOS.

How to Disable Apps from Using Mobile Data or Cellular Data on iOS, iPhone, and iPad.

Before we move on, I should tell that this feature is pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad. Some sites may suggest you to use third party apps, don’t listen to them because you can archive the same without jamming your phone with unnecessary apps.

  • Unlock your iPhone and head to settings.
  • Now navigate to cellular data option. Cellular data is also marked as mobile data in many countries.
  • A page will open with the option to enable and disable mobile/cellular data. If your data os off then turn that on. Without mobile data turning on you can not be procced to next.
  • Now scroll down until you see a list of all the installed and pre-installed apps. There will be a toggle beside each app.
  • This is the key. By default, all the apps are allowed to use mobile data. If you want to disable any app then just slide the toggle to turn off data for that particular app.
  • By this way look at all the app and disable apps that you think you should disable.

Now you are done, the apps you selected now won’t be able to use your mobile data.

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