How To Check Jiofi Router Data Balance By Using Your Android Mobile

Hello friends and welcome to “FreshTricks”. Today we are going to see how to check jiofi router data balance by using your android mobile.

How To Check Jiofi Router Data Balance By Using Your Android Mobile

JioFi Balance Check: How to Check JioFi Data Usage?

first of all you can insert your Jio SIM card into this router and then click to turn on this device.


Then you can connect your smartphone into this Jiofi router Wi-Fi network, so try to connect your android mobile into Wi-Fi network then click to “Connect”.


Finally your smart phone is successfully connected to my jiofi network.


Now you can go to your Google Play Store then you can search “my jio” application then click to open it.


Then you can install this my jio application,  then open this application.


Then it shows “Logging you in ” and you can wait for sometime and then you can see in my account section, it shows one mobile number and this is my smart phone jio network mobile number, in bottom it shows “Link new account”.


So you can click this option then it shows “Choose another service to add “, Here you can select “Jiofi” then it shows “Log in with jiofi serial number”, so you can click this option and this serial number is available in backside of jiofi router and this serial number is mentioned as “RSN” and here you can enter that serial number, once again check this serial number then click to “Proceed”. Unfortunately it shows “Invalid serial number”.


So if this method is not works you can go back to one step and again you can go back to one step. How To Check Jiofi Data Balance In Easy Step

Here you can click this option “Switch account” then it shows “Link new account”, so you can select this option then automatically it shows my jiofi mobile number, then you can select it then click to “Proceed” and it shows “Account added successfully”.


So you can click to “ok”.

Finally your jiofi router account is successfully linked. After the process is completed, you can select your JioFi account and then you can see finally my account is switched to JioFi account and it shows my jiofi data usage balance.


Here you can select “Check usage” and then you can see this is an history of my jiofi router data balance, also you can check calls, sms and wifi.


Then you try to view my plan details, so you can click to “View plans” and here you can see plan detail


So this is the way you can easily check your jiofi router data connections usage details in your smartphone.

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