How To Avoid Scammers In Social Networks

Fraudsters Shall Not Pass – Simple Advices On How To Avoid Scammers In Social Networks

Social networks are always great for communicative people; they make you closer to your friends, relatives and hackers. Social networks are very attractive for such kind of people. You can ask me: “Why do they need that?” All they need is your account. The fraud schemes may be different. But the main aim of them is money. They can ask your relatives for help, especially when you’re far away. Why shouldn’t they believe their own child, when he needs money?

Fraudsters do not disdain playing on the heartstrings. They can write everything, that there’s an accident, you’re in a hospital, etc. So today we’ll study to confront fraudsters and keep our nerves and money safe.


social media hacking scams

The most people don’t think about possible risks when creating their profile on social networks. The more personal and professional information you give, the easier it is for fraudsters to rob you. Let us discuss the easiest scheme. Some criminals are simply searching for people living in the same city to plunder their houses. Why does it happen? Different people are writing perfect information, like “We’re going to visit California next weekends. Hoping it’ll be great” Of course it will be great. For the robber, because now he knows that the house will be empty during weekends and it’s the perfect opportunity for him.
The second thing is the photos. When you’re downloading images and photos on social networks not only your friends like them. It’s also the perfect resource for burglars. From home-made photos, they can receive information about your welfare and house structure. When you have a dog, the robber will be prepared, because everyone has photos with their home pets. That’s why we earnestly advise you not to put in the Internet photos of your house, and some things that can attract robbers, for instance your new car or a brilliant ring.


The next our advice – create a complicated password. We’ve just discussed what fraudsters can do with the access to your account, so try to protect yourself, your friends, and relatives as good as you can. Don’t make a password consisting of just your birth date. Remember, that it’s the first combination fraudsters try. Also, don’t put your birth date as the answer to the test question if it’s mail. Check out below article on password cracking.

Let us imagine that you have a complicated password, you don’t download the “rob-attractive” photos and one day you receive the link from your friend where he asks you to vote for him. Stop now. This can be a trap. If you’ll link, the fraudsters receive your personal data, such as login and password. Such scheme is called “fishing”. So, in this case, ask your friend something personal. The other variant is just to make him a call and ask about this. If you’ll receive the answer like “What are you talking about?” you should explain him that he was hacked and offer to change the password. Check out below tutorial to know about popular hacking method used to acquire sensitive information about oneself.

Phones are really helpful things. Explain to your friends and relatives that you can be hacked and if they receive messages with money requests, they must call you at first and ask about that. Remember that your security is in your hands and be careful.

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