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Hello Friends  &  Welcome to this article! In the previous post, we talked about the types of elections being conducted in India,

In this article, we will be talking about the process of voting in elections, in India.

How does India vote?

Let’s get started! There are two basic ways to vote EVM & Ballot Paper. First of all, we will talk about EVM i.e. Electronic Voting Machine. Let’s start with EVM.

What’s the EVM?

The first Indian EVM was invented in 1980, and it was designed by M.B Hanifa. On 15th October 1980, it was given the name of the Electronically operated vote the counting machine

After this, in the year 1989, Election Commission of India, with the help of Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Commission of India Ltd.

Started manufacturing EVM in India. For the very first time, EVM was used in India in 1992

in the by-election to Kerala’s North Paravur Assembly Constituency After this, for the Lok Sabha Elections in the year 1988, many constituencies used EVM.

And after the year 2004, EVM has been used for all of the Lok Sabha Elections. One EVM can record at least 3840 votes that can be recorded and can register at least the names of 64 candidates. Via EVM, you can vote for your favorite candidate only once

After voting, these votes get stored automatically and remain saved for more than 10 years.

An Indian EVM can be used for at least 15 years So this was brief information regarding EVM. Now we will be talking about Ballot Paper.

Ballot Paper is used for voting. In this, you mark the name and respective party of your favorite candidate and put it in the Ballot Box.

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Ballot Paper was used for the first time in Rome in 139 BC. In 920 AD, EVM was used in the Tamil Nadu region of India. In Tamil Nadu, Palm leaves were used in the election for Vidhan Sabha Which is also known as kudavolai system.

These were few basic uses of Ballot Paper But in India, before the year 2004, elections were conducted using Ballot Paper only.

This was started in the Netherlands And even today, elections are still being conducted using Ballot Paper in a lot of regions. Apart from this, countries believing in Technology, America, have also considered Ballot Paper apt for elections.

Countries like UK, France, Australia as well as Japan prefer Ballot Paper for elections.

These countries believe that any hacking or damage in EVM‘s can affect the overall election result,

and the transparency of elections can also get affected.

And this is the reason, as the elections are coming closer many political parties are demanding to use Ballot Paper in the elections.

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