6 Unique Facts is hidden on Facebook

Who does not know Facebook? This Website is the most 2nd most popular in the world based on  Alexa Rank. This Website loved by millions of people around the world. But although very well known, it is not impossible that something was not yet known many people. Maybe you are one of them. Want to know what it is? Please refer to the following list:

6 Unique Facts is hidden on Facebook


1. Konami Code

These facilities may already widely known. But for those of you who do not know, try logging in to your facebook account and do the following.
-> Press the following buttons in sequence: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-BA-Enter. -> Then do click on any place or scroll your mouse.
If successful, it will show what is called lens flare. Lens Flare is the animation that had emerged as we enter the Konami Code to facebook. Here’s a screen shoot:

See the source image

2. : putnam:

Try to type the code above at the time of the facebook chat. After that will come the human face. Who is he? He is a caricature of Chris Putnam, a Facebook programmer.

3.  What’s on your mind?

Try to update the status using the above sentences (What’s on your mind?). You can’t, right? Why? Perhaps because “there’s nothing on your mind” indeed or even “you do not have the mind”.

4. Write a comment…

Try to write comments on the status of another person with the above sentences (Write a comment …). If You can, You’re great!  Now try to write “write a comment …” (with small w), You can now, right?

5. Write another comment…

After You can’t write the comments in Point 4, try to write again in the bottom of our comments earlier using the sentence above (Write another comment …). You can’t do that again, right?

6. Write something…

Try to write that in another person’s wall. If You can do that, Maybe You’re just the one that can do that in the world.

You have another unique facts in Facebook? Please share with us

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