6 Best Off-Page Optimization Tips For Your Blog

Creating a new Blog or having a good design theme doesn’t means that your blog is set to Receive heavy Traffic. With millions of Blogs running in Blogosphere, you need to better Optimise your site than others to get a high Ranking and Good Traffic. You need to follow proper SEO for your Blog to Rank better. There are two types of Search Engine Optimisation- On Page Optimisation and Off Page Optimization. Both are need for every Blog. In this post, we will discuss about Off Page Optimisation tips for your Blog as to gain good rankings and Traffic.

1. Article Submission

Article Submission is the best way to Succeed in Offpage Optimisation. You should write quality articles and submit them to the Article Directories. Article Directories get tons of Traffic daily and your Article will be seen by 1000′s of visitors. Mostly all Article Directories allows you to place 2 Links of your site in the Author Resource Box. Submitting the Articles will let you gain high PR Back links and good Traffic. There exists 100′s of Articles Directories which has a good traffic and high PR. You can find some of the famous Article Directories below. Try to Submit 2 Articles every week.

(a) EzineArticles

(b) ArticleBase

(c) ArticleDashboard

(d) ArticleSnatch

2. Directory Submission

Although Bloggers don’t found Directory Submission to be effective anymore according to me it’s still worth submitting your Blog. Find the Web Directories on the Internet and start submitting your Blog in a suitable Category. I did Directory Submissions for my Coupon Discount Blog and got good results. Mostly all the Web Directories are free, but some of the Web Directories are paid. Don’t pay for Directory Submission. Spend few times Submitting your Blog to High PR Web Directories.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one of the best method to get good Traffic and better Optimise your Site. Actively Bookmarking your Blog Posts will get you tons of Traffic. There are lots of Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. where you can share your Blog Posts and receive good traffic. Its the best tip for Offpage Optimisation of your Blog.

4. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other Blogs is one of the best way to build quality Back links and generate Traffic to your Blog. Comment on other Blogs high PR and tons of Traffic, also comment luv enabled blogs will bring you more traffic. Don’t just leave a short comment on the posts, try to leave appropriate comment according to the posts, so that it gets accepted. Many Bloggers also don’t follow the Comment Policy. Actively Blog Commenting and following the Comments Policy of the Blog will help you in Off Page Optimisation of your Blog. Daily  Leaving 20 Comments on the Blog is good.

5. Guest Posting

Guest Posting allows the Blogger to generate good traffic and new visitor to his Blog by writing a quality article. Its also one of the best way to gain Subscribers. Always Guest Post on the Blog with High PR and Good Traffic. You should always try to guest post on 2 Blogs in a Week. My Blog is ranking well in Off Page Optimisation rather than On Page Optimisation and I am getting good traffic from my Guest Posts on other Blogs.

Following all these points will help you in the Off-Page Optimization of your Blogs. There are many ways to Optimize, but these are the best, and you will be able to optimize your Blog.

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